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Here we have some pictures of the Toyota 2GR-FE installation we have been developing recently to suit the US & Australian markets.

This car features the engine from a US spec Toyota Camry mated to an MR2 turbo E153 transmission complete with LSD. The engine will be controlled using an OEM Toyota ECU. The dual VVTi unit of 3.5 litres in capacity and produces approx 275bhp in standard form. As standard the engine comes with catalysed exhaust manifolds but these have been replaced in favour of bespoke tubular items from the US & this combined with our own exhaust system & intake system should see some increase in the power figure over the standard engine.

Our customer in Australia is running at 330bhp using the same engine but with a Motec ECU.

The E153 transmission used didn't have a very strong internal spring to centre the gear lever across the gate so we developed our own lever system with a self centering spring to overcome this.  We should have pictures of the completed gear linkage system next week.

Toyota 2GR FE1 re

Toyota 2GR FE2 re3qs

Toyota 2GR FE3 side

Toyota 2GR FE4 top

Toyota 2GR FE5 gear shifter

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