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Here we have some parts that we have developed for the owners of other makes of Strato's replica.

Firstly we have some billet alloy rear uprights available which are a direct replacement for owners of cars which originally ran with hubs based on Lancia Beta parts. These new uprights accept modern bolt in cartridge type wheel bearings & are available to suit 5 x 98pcd replica wheels or 5 x 108pcd original type wheels. The uprights are designed around 300mm diameter brake discs  & we have caliper mounting brackets & brake packages available to suit this disc size.

billet upright1

billet upright2

billet upright3


billet upright4

Next up we have some front caliper mounting brackets which adapt the old Fiat 132 type uprights to accept a radial 4 pot caliper, these can be used in conjunction with the same 300mm diameter brake discs that the billet rear upright accepts.

Fiat132 radial4pot bracket1

Fiat132 radial4pot bracket2

Fiat132 radial4pot bracket3

Finally we were recently commissioned to create a set of engine mounts to assist in a conversion from an old Lancia 4 pot engine to an Alfa V6, the design is an evolution of the mounts we use on our own chassis & utilises rubber bushes which prevent the engine breaking loose in the event of an accident.

Lancia4 Alfav6 conversion1

Lancia4 Alfav6 conversion2

Lancia4 Alfav6 conversion3

If anyone has any enquiries on any of these parts please contact us.

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