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Here we have a few pictures of a customers car from Leicestershire which we had back at the weekend for a body pre fit.
The car is powered by a 3.0 litre V6 engine from a phase 3 Alfa 166, this is notable in that it is the first of that generation of ECU that we have integrated into a car so far but everything appears to work so the signs are promising thus far.
The colour scheme is inspired by the Chardonnet cars of 1976-78 but will not replicate any car or sponsor specifically.
The car still needs a full body polish & an interior so there is someway to go until completion but hopefully it will be IVA'd & ready for the road come next spring.

Leics1 fr3qs

Leics2 re

Leics3 fr

Leics4 re3qs

Leics5 engine

Leics6 side

Leics7 fr3qs

Leics8 low

Leics9 re3qs low

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