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Here we have a few pictures of a customer car which we submitted for an IVA test last week.
I think the car is best described as a Lister Bell Corse "S" because the central chassis section and the suspension are from a Litton Corse "S" kit and the rest of the chassis & all other components are as supplied by Lister Bell. 
The car is fitted with a 2.5 litre V6 from an Alfa 156 & runs with the 6 speed gearbox from the same car.
The car is fitted with the Gp4 round arch style rear bodywork & is also notable for the Prototipo type air exit on the nose section.

Prototipo Nose1

Prototipo Nose2

Prototipo Nose3

Prototipo Nose4

Prototipo Nose5

Prototipo Nose6

Prototipo Nose7

Prototipo Nose8

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