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Here we have a few pictures of a customer built car which passed its IVA test earlier this week. 
The chassis is one of the first we made back in 2011 & the kit was delivered to the customer at the end of that same year.
The car is fitted with Group 4 round arch bodywork which is currently in plain gel coat finish but the car will be liveried up in a rally type scheme in the future,
The car is fitted with a 3.0 litre V6 engine & 6 speed gearbox from an Alfa Romeo 166, it runs with a stock Alfa engine management system. The car is running on Toyo R1R tyres fitted to Lister Bell coffin spoke replica wheels.
The car is fitted with a GP4 style dash board/interior featuring LB gauges & also has additional door intrusion bars & an engine bay diagonal fitted.

IVA 2016 1

IVA 2016 2

IVA 2016 3

IVA 2016 4

IVA 2016 5

IVA 2016 6

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