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  • ListerBell STR - This is our interpretation of the famous world championship winning Lancia Stratos rally car of the 1970's. For those of you wanting to recreate the rally legend, the STR has been designed to offer all the core details of the original car but with a healthy dose of modern thinking and engineering incorporated into the design. The STR is equally suited to life as a fast road car but also lends itself to full blown stage use due to its fully integrated roll cage and suspension design. Various engine options are available and body work is manufactured in pre coloured gelcoat finish to ensure the easiest transition from kit to road.

  • ListerBell STR-M - This version of the STR has been specially developed to accept the running gear from a 3.0 or 3.2 Ferrari Mondial. This less fashionable Ferrari offers the cheapest solution to sourcing a Ferrari V8 engine and with some subtle re engineering of our standard chassis it allows the reuse of a large number of parts from the donor car in addition to just simply the engine. Depending upon customer requirements we can use the complete rear subframe assembly complete with suspension, brakes, drive shafts, exhaust manifolds/engine mounts. We can integrate the front suspension components complete with brake discs/calipers. We can also utilise the clutch, brake cylinders/brake servo, the coolant radiator, the steering column, the gear linkage, wiper mechanism etc.


  • ListerBell Wheels - Due to the limited 15" diameter tyre options we have developed a range of 16" and 17" wheels that can be fitted to all Stratos' cars, real or replica. The wheels we offer replicate the original Campagnola designs but offer greater flexibility when it comes to rim widths and tyre options. The wheels are a two piece construction and are available in any 5 stud pcd, centre bore and colour of your choice. For the Stradale cars we use the 16" option front/rear, whereas the GP4 cars we use the same 16" variant on the front but we use the 17" option for the rear as this gives us the greatest range of tyres. With careful consideration we have developed these wheel combinations to ensure that firstly the wheels are correctly scaled and therefore aesthetically correct.  Secondly we have chosen tyre profiles which are in keeping with the period and still retain a suitable side wall depth to ensure a compliant ride is retained.


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